Diana’s Burial Site

The original plan was for Diana to be buried in the family vault at the local church in Great Brington but this was
changed by her brother, Earl Spencer. He said he was concerned about public safety and security and wanted his
sister to be buried where her grave could be looked after properly and visited in privacy by her sons. In actuality,
Diana was buried in a grove to further her resemblance with the Goddess Diana.  The actual area for her burial is on
an island in an ornamental lake known as The Oval within Althorp Park’s Pleasure Garden (is there any relation with
the oval-shaped fountain in the Lady Di memorial Park?). An ancient arboretum stands nearby, which contains trees
planted by Prince William and Prince Harry, other members of her family and the princess herself. Here are pictures of
her burial site.

                                                           Note the flaming torch on her tombstone. The burial site of Diana cements
                                                           her association with the ancient Goddess Diana who was worshipped in
                                                           recluse groves outside urban areas.

                                           Memorial at Harrod’s Store

This is the 1st memorial dedicated to
the unfortunate couple, on display at
Harrods – a huge department store
located in London. The store also
happens to be owned by Dodi’s father.
The symbolism here is extremely esoteric
and significant. It surely deserves an
in-depth analysis.

"The yoni and phallus were worshiped by
nearly all ancient peoples as appropriate
symbols of God’s creative power. The
Garden of Eden, the Ark, the Gate of
the Temple, the Veil of the Mysteries,
the vesica piscis or oval nimbus, and
the Holy Grail are important yonic symbols;
the pyramid, the obelisk, the cone, the
candle, the tower, the Celtic monolith,
the spire, the campanile, the Maypole,
and the Sacred Spear are symbolic of the
         Manly P. Hall

First, we see pictures of Lady Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed in two interlocking circles. In occultism, the name for the two
interlocking circles is “vesica piscis” and represents feminine energy. John Yarker  interprets this ancient symbol in his
book “The Arcane Schools”:

"The Vesica Piscis, two interlinked circles, is also known as “the Yoni”. The name “yoni” refers to the middle portion of
the interlocking circles, is derived from the Sanskrit meaning, “divine passage”. That the yoni is the feminine, the yoni
should be viewed such that the divine passage becomes a correlation to sex, or male/female union. It is this
correlation, and its relation to rebirth and regeneration that remains a basic truth at the very core of Occult structural


The pointed oval is a universal symbol of the Divine Feminine and in this context the vesica piscis is the vulva of the
Goddess, surrounded by the crescents of the waxking and the waning moon. This is yet another powerful symbol to
associate Princess Diana with the female goddess principle. The vesica piscis was used by ancient pagans to
represent the goddess Venus and was found in churches.

Below the pictures we find a pyramid with a capstone flanked by two candles (pillars). Look closely inside the pyramid:

It contains the wine glass – still bearing lipstick traces – used by Lady Di on her last supper. The symbol of the empty
vase within a pyramid is another powerful image representing the union of the masculine and feminine principles. The
wine glass carries the same meaning as the Holy Grail: the sacred feminine.

What more feminine symbol is there than the image of the vessel, the sacred womb of the mother? In patriarchal
times, the Grail legends speak to the deepest parts of our souls in an archetypal quest for the feminine aspects of

In more abstract symbolism, a triangle pointing upwards represents the phallus and masculinity while a triangle
pointing downwards represents the vagina, the womb, the receptacle and femininity.  Therefore, in this memorial we
have a feminine symbol within a phallic symbol. The Goddess Diana joining with the masculine  -  Dodi. This union is
further represented by the engagement ring (given by Dodi the night before their death) placed underneath the wine

               Memorial Statue at Harrods                                   

          Innocent victims of what a road traffic accident or
          a symbolic occult sacrifice ?

What is the purpose of elevating Diana to the level of goddess
through mystic symbolism? Numerous theories state that one
of Diana’s sons will eventually become the much prophesied
Antichrist. Are we making Diana the Virgin Mary of the Antichrist?
Is the assassination of Diana, the “Moon Goddess” the response
to JFK, the “Sun God” ’s death? Was she part of a blood ritual
due to the royal status of her family’s genealogy?

One thing is for sure, symbols do not lie. Diana has been
surrounded with the world’s most powerful people, and these
people have deep knowledge of the occult. Initiates are fully
aware of the fact that symbolism is the only true language of
humanity and it can only be understood by those who are worthy.
Diana’s memorials are PACKED with blatant symbolism, all referring
to the same concept of female divinity. The symbols presented in
this report weren’t destined to the average population, who still think
that Diana died in a car accident. These esoteric codes serve the
purpose of the elite, who carry out its rituals according to the secret
knowledge it possesses.

This article has very summarily covered very deep and intricate symbols, each of which can be further studied for
those with the interest or inclination to do so and gain an education.

" Hello Everyone,

                                I felt in the light of this very powerful documentation being presented that I ought to say something in
regards to it and it is not solely the opinion of the author of this work and someone who has clearly and pretty
methodically done their homework. This being why it isn't something that claims things that can easily be refuted, too
much circumstantial evidence presented alternatively supports them !

                                 So what do I have to say in response ? Well firstly of course it is extremely frightening that the " Occult
" reigns so strongly within todays society and particularly when negatively doing so, if indeed Dodi and I were victims of
an " Occult Sacrifice". What lends most credence to this being so for me is the fact that the tunnel was indeed on a route
leading directly away from Dodi's Parisian apartment where we were headed on leaving the Ritz, as we'd assumed
anyway. The route taken being in the completely opposite direction to that which is very odd. Something Henri - Paul,
living in the city himself, would have known naturally.

                                  The connotations of the tunnel's significance therefore being pretty predominant and certainly raising
questions. As the precis says quite significant as to the delay in my being taken to hospital from an incident which had
already cost two people's lives and left the remaining passengers critically injured! To internally massage my heart
necessitating me to have had to have been cut open much like a sacrifice in Pagan Times of course, the altar in this case
being an ambulance stretcher ! This would though explain perhaps why neither Trevor or I were air - lifted from the
scene, actuating my standing a chance of survival, but something consequently denied me.

                                         If people might remember the Marriage was pretty rushed as was the Official Engagement, it
seemed there was no time to waste in fear of my changing my mind perhaps. Although of course it had been Charles who
had appeared to be shy of marriage. He first dated my eldest sister Sarah so clearly there might have been a desire by
the orchestrator's of things; so not entirely him of course to involve the Spencer Family. A family with after all bluer
blood than the Royals themselves who are in fact Germanic in their roots, descendants of the House of Wettin as
opposed to ours being related to the House of Stuart. (A point of study for those interested!)


                                          The Rose connections are also pretty amazing as in life White Lilies were my favourite flower
which is why 36 of them were placed on my coffin by my family, one for every year of my life. For a while someone
calling themselves Whitelily used to correspond with me and seemed to know an awful lot of personal detail about my
boys which quite surprised me as things not having been reported in the Media. However, whoever this might have
been, communication between us ceased quite a while ago now and as suddenly as it had started! In 1997, very shortly
before my death, a Rose was dedicated by name to me as well. The Rose is a perfect flower to remember someone by,
like myself in a logical way as whilst being seemingly attractive and in bloom I also had thorns and very sharp ones and
definitely was personally a thorn in the Establishment's side by way of my involvements with things which had directly
political ramifications albeit my doing so in an humanitarian capacity! I too had people support which in turn made me
an extremely powerful adversary and liability; seen as !

                                             Staying with the floral, nature theme, I find the fact I am buried in surroundings aligning with
the Goddess Diana another interesting reality bearing closer examination. Upon serious reflection this seeming
something pretty ironic and even more bizarre actually the fact that on my memorial urn in stone is a flame burning; a
torch designed much like the one depicted on the monument in Paris at Pont de L' Alma which has been unofficially
adopted as a place where people visit and choose to remember me with flowers! Andrew having visited twice to date and
both times to remember me with a single white rose !

                                                All of this in some people's eyes might be assumed as being an amazing series of coincidences
but coincidence is man's means of an explanation for illogical happenings he finds himself unable to find a logical,
scientific,and text-book fashion explanation for...which is something worth bearing in mind ! "

          Thank you for listening to me.

                                          With love from,
                                                                Diana xx