"  Hello Everyone,

                             Matters I am about to draw your attention to I appreciate will by many be greeted with complete
cynicism whilst by others dismissed out of hand so before I begin, therefore having been told this, do not indulge in
wasting your time and energy in studying something you will not personally appreciate much less consider and even
perhaps accept if you are of a closed minded nature.

                               Now for those of you willing to be " Open - Minded " my comments upon the extremely revealing link
above, I can promise you, will be pretty mind boggling. This said I will begin:

                                 Well, the advantage of being dead and yet alive is that I cannot be physically harmed for making
responses to articles and commentaries made about me and concerning my life. This coupled with the fact that the
answers I give might well conflict with and often contradict the officially reported ones and it is up to you to examine
them and to decide for yourselves what statements best fit and in so doing determining for yourselves therefore if
Diana Speaks or not ? I fully realise of course that for many of you this being something too incredible to be happening
but Andrew is after all not the first person to speak to dead people and will not be the last to do so. I do though
sincerely appreciate that the mere notion that this might be happening will not sit at all comfortably with those
following certain religious indoctrinations which directly oppose the idea so therefore do not personally judge or
criticise you for your genuine beliefs. Quite to the contrary in fact, I honour them. This being so, hopefully anyway, by
the same token Andrew and others like him who appreciate there being more than the 3 dimensional world in existence
are granted equal respect for adhering to their personal beliefs and beliefs no less significant. It would be a pretty
boring world if everyone followed the same doctrines, practiced the same religion, held true to the same beliefs;
variety being the spice of life after all !

The Goddess and the King

     Remembering this commentary will only make any kind of sense to you if you read the documented text in the link
above. I will begin and I only comment about things which directly concern me feeling that certainly at the moment
anyway it would be wrong for me to speak about other matters that this informative text draws people's attention to.

       I wasn't killed in a public situation, quite the opposite in fact. My death occurred in a tunnel since I have said I was
D.O.A. at the hospital in Paris. This event occurring in a tunnel ensuring there be less witnesses and particularly so at
night in an area that up until August 31st 1997 was not a tourist attraction area of the French capital at all. In collusion
with what is said about the J.F.K. political assassination, I have previously on my site said that Henri - Paul needed to
die in the incident, this being imperative. Otherwise his cover blown which has of course happened subsequently but at
the time would have been a lot more damaging to those he professionally associated with as well as himself naturally.
His secret service connections exposed now but his associate's identities remain protected; it being impossible to
interrogate him so as to expose his exact movements the night of the 30th August 1997 prior to his driving as well as
himself Dodi and I to our deaths.  Henri Paul being dead these others remaining a matter of conjecture and with
conveniently enough, to date anyway, no substantial evidence afforded to substantiate any theory presented.


                   Now interestingly enough the film " Chitty Chitty Bang Bang " released in 1968, so when I was 7 years old and
Andrew 9 years old, is a film predominantly significant in both of our lives. In the linked document you can read of it's
significance to me but here I want to illustrate how powerfully it has helped determine Andrew's life. It is really no
surprise at all he has been selected as my personal voice - channel, our lives so similar in many respects, we even both
married in 1981,  he in the April and me in the July of that year.

Anyway I will continue if I may:

              Andrew's father worked for the Parliamentary Counsel based in Whitehall, London so was a member of the
British Establishment, finding himself regularly at No. 11 Downing Street, the London business residence of the
Councillor of the Exchequer, sitting in the House of Commons and Andrew's parents attending the annually held Royal
Garden Parties so personal guests of Her Majesty.

                As a birthday treat Andrew and an invited friend or two would be taken to see a latest released film and in 1968
it was " Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ".  Now here it gets very interesting. For reasons even Andrew never understood even
at this young age Andrew hated anything German, the sound of the language and especially the people, he had a real
aversion to them and neither his grandparents or his parents were guilty of inducing this very real prejudice within
him, so why ? Well reading on you will clearly see the very real power of Karma in operation.

                  In 1995 following his father's death, Andrew moved to live in Gran Canaria, an island he loved having taken a
brief holiday there before he decided he'd move there. The only drawback to it for him was the fact it is an island
favoured by German tourists, neighbouring Tenerife which is favoured by the British. In spite of his working for,
ironically, a German boss Andrew was personally socialising with Canarians speaking Spanish himself. Now...to cut to
the chase...whilst there Andrew fell in love with... can you guess...a German man.  (Andrew is out, so no need for jokes
about a Queen channeling a Princess, please! )  Thomas came from a small Bavarian town, Bavaria being a region of
Germany and a region used for location filming in " Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ".  Upon seeing the film Andrew having
said to his father that he liked the castle " Neuschwanstein Schloss " and admitting Germany looked beautiful but
vowing if he ever went there that it would only be to the Bavarian region!

                                                                   Neuschwanstein Schloss

                   In 1995 in spite of working Andrew found himself economically stretched which Thomas witnessed
happening and he very generously suggested that since they were together they'd exchanged gold rings privately and  
now that as his holiday was ending why didn't Andrew accompany him back to Germany, indeed to Bavaria.  Andrew
really had no choice and so with great reluctance, as January's European snow was hardly inviting compared with the
tropical sunshine of the island he called home, he did so. On arrival Andrew feeling immediately very uncomfortable in
the energy he found himself in and was consequently negative, which he remained the entire duration of the six months
he lived there. Like attracts like so consequently he finding himself unwelcomed and ultimately ignored by all except
Thomas. Ultimately of course with such extensive pressure being exerted upon the situation, their relationship failed.
So later in 1996 Andrew left Germany and returned to the U.K. for a couple of months literally, he couldn't wait to
leave having never felt comfortable in his native homeland ( in this lifetime,anyway). Whilst in London he went to a
regression therapist, having experienced such bizarre happenings in Bavaria of seeing premonitions, sensing historical
happenings then proven to be accurate that he could not have known about and he discovered that his most recent
lifetime had been as a German and a Nazis Officer based in Bavaria. He therefore was easily able to deduce the fact that
his disliking anything of Germanic connection was due to the fact of his own personal shame of this lifetime, duly
making him both prejudiced of the country and its people!

           That same year Andrew again returned to Gran Canaria where he was living when the events in Paris of 1997
happened. Andrew had not collected the Sun newspapers detailing these and he then met another German guy who had
done so and Andrew still has the collection with him today. Though he tried, as arranged, to return them to the man,
the man was never seen again in the coffee shop where they'd met and talked. In the November of 1997 having found
work being scarce in the winter season, Andrew left the island himself returning again to the U.K. Here he stayed until
2003 when, upon his Mother's death, he moved to Sweden where he had friends. However he was never able to quite
settle there or to speak the language. He then was invited by his only two friends in Germany, so back to Bavaria and to
the very same town that Thomas and he had lived in back in 1996. Fate, Destiny, Kismet--- call it what you will---
determining a need to heal the Karma here. And guess what!! Thomas now living in Switzerland, the friends in Germany
initially inviting him here now living in the U.K.  Thus Andrew is alone here in that very same Bavarian town, totally
welcomed and accepted by its people, speaking and understanding the language and all his friends being German
including the one he loves and with whom he was married to in his past Germanic life which I have spoken about.
Needless to say neither of them supporting the philosophies and indoctrinations of this one time all powerful Nazi
political party! In Germany today it is an offence that warrants arrest to deny the holocaust having happened!
Andrew's being so genuinely welcomed and accepted within a close knit country community now serves as a learning
curve to others equally as privately they must wonder why now they like him when back in 1996 many of these same
people didn't!  Karmic energy having been cleansed perhaps?

                   Now returning to the film: I find it somewhat ironic that it be something penned by the author of the famous
James Bond the fictional M.I.6. British Secret Service Agent 007 ... ( for those into numerology remembering our
respective ages when it was released 9 + 7 = 16 & 6 + 1 = 7 ) and particularly in respect of the fact as detailed on my site
many believe my assassination to having involved M.I.6. operatives. Equally disturbing being the fact the author Ian
Fleming was a friend of Satanist Aleister Crowley ! The satanic significances to my demise discussed in great detail in
the documentation to be read at the link provided as well as of course in the preceding precis to this one!

                      I cannot remember my saying to Charles " I love you so much". I didn't know him well enough as we'd only
met 13 times ( Think of the car finally hitting the 13th pillar in the tunnel and 13 always having been my unlucky
number in life ) up until he proposed to me to have said that.  I do remember him proposing and my being a pretty
naive 19 year old saying something like " Alright then", thinking he was joking with me as up until our engagement
being made official I had always had to call him Sir, never Charles! He then told me he was serious and it is documented
I said " Yes please! "

                      On my arrival at Clarence House, the London home of the Queen Mother having had to leave my flat in
"Colherne Court", there was a letter waiting for me there but not from my fiance but rather from his unofficial
girlfriend Camilla, now his wife H.R.H. Duchess of Cornwall. It invited me out to lunch whilst Charles was away and two
things struck me immediately. The first being I had not known of my needing to move to Clarence House until a few
hours before it happened and yet she obviously had known all about its happening so he must have told her and I had
not known anything at all about his going away anywhere. I was shocked to be told later by him that he was taking his
final solo tour of Australia and New Zealand and ironically enough via Venezuela, South America and it's capitol of
Caracas. ( Andrew having married his wife from Caracas, Venezuela that same year! ) So something Charles had known
about and informed her of but alternatively kept from me and this being the reason that upon my seeing his departure
from Heathrow I am filmed crying. It was  not because I was going to miss him as reported naturally but due to the fact
I was personally bearing witness to the reality of a deliberate deception and therefor given every reason to know who
was the woman he really loved, so this even prior to our marriage happening. With Camilla being totally unsuitable,
married to one of his best friends and the Parker - Bowles being an open - marriage and also being mother of two.
Charle's  wife necessitated being a virgin which, upon an intrusive physical examination, it was determined I was.
Camilla insistent upon asking me when we went to lunch if at " Highgrove" I would hunt and the relief on her face when
I'd said "No". " Highgrove House " our country residence in Gloucestershire located conveniently close to the Parker -
Bowles homestead and hunting being something enjoyed by both Camilla and Charles!

                          With regards to the cameras in the Parisian tunnel malfunctioning, I have previously said on my site that
the tunnel which had been lit upon our approach was suddenly plunged into darkness, albeit momentarily, but this is
what made the bright white light, something consistently reported as having been witnessed in connection with the
incident happening, so vibrant and ultimately therefore effective. In a brightly illuminated tunnel it might not have
been. The Parisians themselves not being affected by this power cut as the lighting of the tunnel is controlled by a
separate generator and one that amazingly enough the French police themselves are solely and directly responsible for

                 Thank you for listening to me,